Birth Affirmations

helping you have an empowered birth

Birth Affirmations, written and illustrated by Susan Singer, offers you 69 affirmations, positive statements of belief, which will help you develop an empowered, positive mindset for giving birth and being with your precious baby.  The affirmations are accompanied by 29 exquisite drawings which evoke a sense of the sacred and profound nature of new life. This book is a guide, a support, a tool, a reminder of just how amazing you are and how perfect the birthing process is, no matter what. 

It's OK to Rest

When I was writing Birth Affirmations and decided to include my drawings of babies and mamas in the book, I realized I needed more images than I already had.  I don't have friends who are pregnant these days so I put out a call on Facebook asking if anyone had pictures of themselves giving birth or of their babies or pregnant selves.  Women were so generous! I got many pictures of women's most precious moments.  I wasn't able to use all of them, but I feel so honored by each woman who shared with me.

The picture shown here, "It's OK to rest" came from a high school friend of mine, Sue.  It's a picture of her daughter and grandbaby. She said she realized it was a little bit strange since her daughter is wearing a mask - apparently that was how they would nap - mama would rest anytime baby did. Sue said she was really glad her daughter realized "It's OK to rest."

I didn't think I would want to draw the picture since it is a little bit odd, but the image stuck with me.  As I was writing affirmations for the postpartum period, I realized that saying "It's OK to rest." is a great affirmation! I don't think I gave myself that permission, but I wish I had! Now it's one of my favorite affirmations and drawings.  I evoke it for myself frequently and hope that mothers everywhere will allow themselves that gift - rest when they are tired.  Everyone feels better when Mama is rested and feeling good.