Birth Affirmations

helping you have an empowered birth

Birth Affirmations, written and illustrated by Susan Singer, offers you 69 affirmations, positive statements of belief, which will help you develop an empowered, positive mindset for giving birth and being with your precious baby.  The affirmations are accompanied by 29 exquisite drawings which evoke a sense of the sacred and profound nature of new life. This book is a guide, a support, a tool, a reminder of just how amazing you are and how perfect the birthing process is, no matter what. 

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The Activism behind writing Birth Affirmations

Birth Affirmations will be featured on Elizabeth Seal's blog in the UK,  Ice Cream and Clara. In preparation for writing her blog, Elizabeth asked me if there was anything I wanted her to include about the book.  That led me to think about why I wrote the book. I thought it might be illuminating, so I'm including it here:

The reason I wrote the book is the reason I do other forms of activism as well - to help others become empowered in their lives.  My first birth in the hospital was just fine - nothing bad happened, and my son was born healthy and well.  My second birth, however, was a whole different story - since giving birth the first time, I had made lots of friends who had home births, who gave blessing ways, who used affirmations, who LOVED being a woman and a mother, who reveled in giving birth.  I learned more from them than I can ever say.  It was their love and support that I felt when giving birth the second time, that sorority of women who have been there before and know the way and share it with their sisters.  My hope is that my book will offer women the same type of support, love, direction, and empowerment.  I hope it offers women a view into how birthing and parenting can be.  Of course, it isn't easy and it isn't simple, and it is sometimes exhausting and overwhelming, but I found that having a picture of how it could be, created from affirmations and other women's stories, helped me tremendously.  I was able to hold that image in front of me and have someplace to aim for in the midst of challenges.  If my book is able to help even one woman in this way, it will have been worth writing!

If you're interested in reading Elizabeth's blog post, you can find it here:

Image from Elizabeth Seal's Review of Birth Affirmations.