Birth Affirmations

helping you have an empowered birth

Birth Affirmations, written and illustrated by Susan Singer, offers you 69 affirmations, positive statements of belief, which will help you develop an empowered, positive mindset for giving birth and being with your precious baby.  The affirmations are accompanied by 29 exquisite drawings which evoke a sense of the sacred and profound nature of new life. This book is a guide, a support, a tool, a reminder of just how amazing you are and how perfect the birthing process is, no matter what. 

Beautiful Body - 11"x 14" print or unframed original

Beautiful Body.jpg
Beautiful Body.jpg

Beautiful Body - 11"x 14" print or unframed original

from 50.00

Archival print from graphite drawing by Susan Singer for Birth Affirmations book.

Original available for $350.

Print is reproduced on acid free, archival paper, intended to last for generations. 

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